Non-Invasive Alternatives to Slim Lipo

Slim Lipo is a liposuction procedure that aims to give the same results as that of the traditional liposuction, by involving the use of a laser in fat elimination. Slim Lipo procedures use a machine that utilizes a wavelength of 920, which is considered more efficient than other laser treatments. The laser can cause less trauma for better recovery, and can also be used to tighten skin in the treated area for a smoother contour. Incisions are still made to insert the laser in the treated area, but these incisions are relatively smaller compared to that of traditional liposuction. Slim Lipo, while considered less invasive than the traditional method is still a surgical procedure. It can be a traumatic surgical experience to some patients resulting in significant bruising, swelling and post op discomfort.

Liposuction is the best way to eliminate fat cells because these are gone forever. With proper diet and exercise, you can be assured of a better looking body for life. However, if you are thinking of getting Slim Lipo for body contouring, yet you're not comfortable with the invasive surgical procedure that goes with it, there are noninvasive alternative solutions to weight loss problems. Based on recent studies, here are the most common alternative noninvasive procedures.


Lipodissolve is an alternative to liposuction in weight reduction solutions. This procedure is non-invasive, as it only involves a series of injections that converts fat into liquid form. No incisions are made through this method. The process primarily breaks down the bond connecting fat molecules, without causing damage to the surrounding tissue to turn the fat into liquid form. This is then filtered and flushed out naturally by the body in a few weeks. A fat-melting, non-surgical solution to weight problems, Lipodissolve is one of the more popular alternative procedures to Slim Lipo and traditional liposuction.


Mesotherapy is also a procedure that uses micro injections to melt fatty deposits in the body. The injection solution is composed of conventional medicines, amino acids and vitamins and minerals, which effectively eliminates localized fat deposits and cellulite. According to studies, this procedure is becoming more popular because of its non-invasive procedure and effective results. A great solution to promote weight loss and provide anti-aging benefits, Mesotherapy is another effective alternative solution most patients opt for instead of getting Slim Lipo.


Zerona is an FDA-approved weight loss procedure that uses cool-laser technology to remove fat deposits. Zerona is non-invasive and involves a series of six painless treatment sessions spread out over two weeks. The machine is held over the treatment area where fatty tissues in the fat cells are liquefied and released through the tiny pores the laser temporarily creates. The cells are left undamaged and empty, which can result in loss of inches on body mass. However, unlike traditional liposuction, the fat cells are only emptied and not totally eliminated through Zerona. There is a chance that the weight lost can be regained through improper diet or lack of physical activities.

Consult a specialist who can further suggest and educate you on the procedures available, and always keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle will guarantee the best results for a long time.

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