Post-Body Jet Liposuction Lifestyle & Maintenance

A new method of performing liposuction is now available: Body Jet Liposuction. Body Jet Liposuction is proven to be less traumatizing and time consuming than standard liposuction methods. It uses a gentle stream of water to “sculpt” the body by washing away fat cells. By using water, Body Jet Liposuction is far less detrimental to the body and causes minimal bruising and swelling. This method is very effective at getting rid of troublesome fat that does not respond to diet and exercise. Body Jet Liposuction, with its almost instantaneous results, needs to be accompanied by proper maintenance. This keeps the body slim and in shape.

Proper Medical Attention

Right after having this procedure done, it is important to take care of oneself just as after any other surgery. Since only small incisions are made, normal activities can be resumed within a day or two after surgery. However, some doctors may recommend wearing a compression garment for a few days following the procedure. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication may be taken in order to resume day to day activities.


There are also some lifestyle changes that may need to be made after having Body Jet Liposuction. Diet and exercise are two areas that should be focused on. It has been shown that about 50 percent of patients who work to have a healthier lifestyle end up keeping the weight off. Exercise can be resumed shortly after surgery, and it is highly recommended that a workout regime be implemented. Walking is a good start and many surgeons actually promote walking right after surgery. From there, they suggest that a goal of two to three miles per day be aimed for.


It has been determined by some surgeons that those who return to unhealthy eating habits after having liposuction done are very likely to regain the weight. Drinking plenty of water is a good first step to a better lifestyle. Drinking water often flushes toxins from the system and also promotes further body fat loss. Other healthy diet practices can also be implemented in order to ensure that the weight stays off for the longest time possible. Low fat diets and ones plentiful in fruits and vegetables are recommended. While there are no strict guidelines dictating what can and can’t be eaten, it is up to the patient to use common sense in order to determine what is good to eat.


There are some other practices that can be implemented in order to maintain the results from Body Jet Liposuction. One of these practices would be stretching. While it is not usually thought of as beneficial, stretching increases circulation. Saunas may also be beneficial as they can help in ridding the body of toxins through sweating.

Without adhering to these post-Body Jet Liposuction maintenance procedures, patients risk losing their results.

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