Post-ProLipo Lifestyle & Maintenance

ProLipo is a procedure that may be used in combination with other slimming procedures, or it can be performed as a standalone procedure. ProLipo will target fat cells, destroy them and either remove them or allow the body to eliminate them naturally. The laser treatment will also tighten the skin and will model the skin's appearance. ProLipo is not a permanent procedure, as if you gain weight you will redeposit fat, even in the areas that have been treated. Following a balanced diet and mixing it with an exercise regimen may ensure that the effects of ProLipo will be visible for a longer period of time.

Post ProLipo Lifestyle

After the ProLipo procedure, it is essential to follow the surgeon's guidelines to ensure that there will be no complications, such as infections. The incisions should be monitored; ideally you should wear a constrictive bandage that will protect the incisions. You may experience drainage from the incisions.

Avoid exercising for at least one week to ensure that the incisions heal normally. Two weeks after the procedure you can resume to your normal exercise routine.

Lifestyle and Maintenance after ProLipo

ProLipo is a procedure that will extract only parts of the fat tissue from the areas that are treated. This means that you may deposit fat even in the areas that have been treated with ProLipo. However, if you make sure not to gain weight, you can preserve the effects of ProLipo for a long time.

Diet Regimen after ProLipo

Your diet after ProLipo may have a great impact on how long you can maintain the results.

You should arrange a meeting with a nutritionist to figure out a diet that is suitable for your level of activity, age, weight and sex. To maintain your present weight, you have to eat as many calories as you consume on a daily basis.

Typically, women consume 2,000 calories per day, while men consume 2,500 calories. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you may consume fewer calories, so you need to eat less.

Your nutritionist will also indicate the sources of calories that are essential (i.e., fats and proteins or fibers) and will advise you to reduce the amount of carbohydrates as much as possible.

As you get older, your metabolism will be slower, so you will need to modify your calorie intake as well. Consult your nutritionist about all diet related questions you may have.

Exercise Plan after ProLipo

An exercise plan should be part of your daily life, to ensure that you keep the effects of the ProLipo procedure. Two weeks after the ProLipo procedure, you can get back to your exercise routine or start a new exercise plan. To maintain your present weight, you should exercise three times per week for at least 30 minutes. However, if you eat more calories than you consume, you should burn these calories during your workout session.


Massages may also help maintaining the effects of ProLipo. Get at least one slimming massage per week. Opt for anti cellulite massages also.

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