Post-PureLipo Lifestyle & Maintenance

PureLipo is a cosmetic procedure which will help a patient slim down quickly. By smoothing out the dimpled areas of the body, the skin can begin to look younger and more toned. Since this is not an invasive procedure, a patient will have a quick recovery time and she will be able to see the results almost immediately  However, to keep the results, the patient must be willing to follow a few simple rules and instructions. When patients want to have smooth skin for life, they will need to work to maintain the results they now have.

Repeated Treatments

While PureLipo is effective, it is not a treatment which is going to continue to be effective unless repeated sessions are completed. As many people don't see the maximum results the first time, they need to return to the physician's office for a few sessions to ensure the skin is completely smooth and tight. The cosmetic surgeon might suggest a patient return for at least two more visits after the initial treatment, depending on the placement of the cellulite and the extent the cellulite appears on the skin surface. Each patient is different, however, so there is no set standard of treatment.

The Right Diet Plan

To help maintain the PureLipo results, it's a good idea to follow a strict diet plan. As the fat cells have been melted away, a patient will not want to introduce more fat cells into the body with a fatty diet which is filled with empty calories. It's ideal that a patient begin to eat sensible meals, with no more than 1200 calories a day for women and 1500 calories a day for men, when they want to lose weight. This will promote the burning of even more fat in the body, while keeping the PureLipo results. 

If a patient is concerned about her ability to maintain this sort of diet, it can be helpful to begin the healthy eating habits before the PureLipo procedure. In doing so, she will determine whether she can keep up the results or if she needs to seek an alternative cellulite therapy.

The Best Exercise Plan

In addition to eating well, exercise is a good way to maintain the PureLipo results. Exercise will help to boost the metabolism, allowing patients to keep off excess weight. When the muscles are strong, they will be able to burn more calories, even when at rest. In addition, the skin will continue to be tighter than it was before the PureLipo treatment. Those who are fit tend to have less trouble with the reemergence of cellulite, while also feeling great about their bodies and preventing cellulite in other areas.

With PureLipo, a patient will be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite on her body. But, while this is something which helps her feel better, the PureLipo is not the end of the quest for smooth skin. Proper diet and exercise plans need to be in place to ensure those excess fat cells do not return to the patient's body.

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