Post-Vaser Liposelection Lifestyle & Maintenance

A Vaser Liposelection procedure can sculpt your body, removing stubborn fat deposits that are exercise and diet resistant. If you get this treatment, you should take into consideration a few lifestyle changes that will help preserve the results of the Vaser Liposelection procedure. The main focus should be on your diet and exercise program. Leading a sedentary life can lead to weight gain and the treated areas will also be affected. It is important to know how fat will be deposited after the surgery so you prevent weight gain.

Weight Gain and Fat Migration

Some people believe that once the fat cells are extracted from one area, that particular area will no longer be able to have fat deposits and in case of a weight gain, the fat will be deposited elsewhere. However, this is not true.

The Vaser Liposelection will extract fat cells, but a thin layer of fat cells will still be left, as fat is needed by the body. So, if you gain weight after the procedure, the remaining fat cells in the treated areas will expand and you will also deposit fat proportionately in other areas as well. You must also know that some people tend to deposit fat in particular areas such as stomach or hips or buttocks.

However, if you exercise and take care of your diet, you can prevent gaining fat.

Exercise Program

Exercise is essential in maintaining a healthy body and your ideal weight. If you have benefited from the Vaser Liposelection procedure, you probably have reached your ideal weight and figure. To keep your present figure, you should exercise at least 2 or 3 times per week for 30 to 40 minutes.

Alternate the exercises you do, so that your body is continually challenged. You can choose any activity you like; even fast paced walking can count as exercise. Try to lead an active life and seize any opportunity to exercise (i.e. walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator).

Harmonious Diet

A harmonious diet will also ensure that you won’t gain weight. On average, a woman requires approximately 2000 calories per day, while a man needs 2500 calories. However, the number of calories may vary according to your fitness level, age and the speed of your metabolism. Talk to a nutritionist specialist to establish the amount of calories that is right for you, so that you maintain your normal weight. You should also make sure you include proteins, carbohydrates and fibers in your diet, so that you keep healthy.

You must also know that with age, your metabolism will slow down and you will have to eat less and less to avoid gaining weight.

The effects of a Vaser Liposelection can last for a lifetime if you take care of your body, eat right and exercise. You have to be aware that the Vaser Liposelection will make you slimmer, but it is up to you to maintain these results.

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