Potential Risks and Complications of Cool Lipo

Generally speaking, cool lipo is a safe surgery, and much safer than traditional liposuction. Cool lipo is used to absorb reduced amounts of fat from the face, neck or other problem areas. Cool lipo will also tighten your skin, due to the special technique employed. However, to be fully informed about cool lipo, you need to be aware of all the potential risks and complications. Your cosmetic surgeon will be able to inform you prior to the surgery.

Post Surgery Infections

Being a surgery, cool lipo has some potential risks that are specific to any surgery. Infections may occur, but can be prevented if antibiotics are taken prior and after the surgery. Keep the incision area covered and monitor it; if it looks red and swollen and you have fever, consult your surgeon.

Toxic Shock Syndrome

The toxic shock syndrome is also an infection that can cause vomiting, digestive problems, and an overall shock to your system.

Fluid Imbalance

Fluid imbalance can happen when more than 11 pounds of fat are removed, as fat has high water content.

Reactions to Anesthesia

Lidocaine is a common anesthetic and can create toxicity in people with reduced liver function.


An embolism can be made up of some loose fat cells that were dislocated but weren’t removed and circulate in the blood; an embolism can be dangerous, as it may get stuck in the lungs, brain or heart, stopping the normal function of these organs. An embolism can lead to permanent damage, or even death.

Blood Clots

Blood clots can be formed when the body stays in one position for too long, due to lack of circulation. A blood clot can become loose and travel to the heart or the brain, causing an embolism.

Organ Perforation

Perforation of the organs can happen in the vicinity of the incision area, if the cannula accidentally touches an organ; however, an experienced surgeon will know exactly the position of the organs.

Blood Loss

Blood loss can be dangerous, but it occurs in very rare cases. During the cool lipo surgery, less than 1% liquid removed is blood and the rest are fat cells.

Skin Irregularities

Skin irregularities can occur after surgery, as there may be some fat cells left under the skin. The cool lipo surgery uses a technique that liquefies fat cells before removing them, so this will reduce the risk of having skin irregularities.

Skin Damaging

Skin damaging can occur if the surgeon uses a cannula that is of an inappropriate size; if you have bad blood circulation or are a smoker or a diabetic person, you are more exposed to skin damaging.

However, cool lipo is less invasive than the traditional liposuction and the risks and complications of surgery are diminished.

You will feel numbness for a few weeks after the surgery, along with a few bruises and some swelling.

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