Potential Side Effects of Slim Lipo

Slim Lipo is a laser-assisted body contouring treatment similar to liposuction. The Slim Lipo machine uses laser wavelengths, which are claimed to melt away fat deposits much more efficiently than other laser treatments. Additionally, the incisions made to insert the laser are very small, eliminating much of the discomfort and recovery time when compared to other treatments. While not the only laser treatment for body fat, it is one of the newest.

While the FDA has approved the Slim Lipo procedure, it is not without its potential side effects. It is essential to understand and prepare for these possibilities prior to undergoing the procedure:

Bruising or Swelling

After Slim Lipo, some patient’s skin might bruise or swell. While the Slim Lipo laser’s small size typically means a lesser chance of bruising, patients with sensitive or lighter skin may experience more bruising. Wearing compressing garments may reduce these potential side effects.

Infection at Incision Site

In some instances, despite all precautions taken by you and the doctor, an infection may develop at the incision site. Typically, these infections can be cured with antibiotics and proper care. Carefully inspect all incisions, if viewable, and immediately notify your doctor should you notice any changes.

Irregular Body Contouring

It is possible that your body will reshape itself incorrectly temporarily or permanently following Slim Lipo. Slim Lipo’s small laser allows for more specific targeting of fat cells, but there is no guarantee of the body’s reaction to any procedure. Depending on your skin, how much fat is removed, and your physician’s technique and experience, your body or skin may sag or appear abnormal afterwards.

Irregular Skin Pigmentation

In some instances, a patient’s skin will discolor slightly either at the incision site or where affected by the laser. Sometimes, this discoloration may disappear over time, but in rare cases, it will be permanent.

Longer than Normal Recovery Time

While physicians do their best to get you up and running again after any procedure, and while Slim Lipo has a shorter and less painful recovery period, some patients may take longer than others to recover. Depending on the occupation, many patients may return to work the next day. In all situations, it is advisable to refrain from engaging from strenuous activity, including exercise, for a week or two.

Reactions to Anesthesia

Typically, Slim Lipo is administered with the patient under local anesthesia. As with anesthesia used during any procedure, your body may have a bad reaction or be allergic to the anesthesia. Sometimes, these reactions can be severe enough to be fatal. Speak with your physician and the anesthesiologist to address your concerns.

While the Slim Lipo procedure is much less invasive than other procedures, it is not without its potential risks. As with any procedure, doing your research, asking questions and choosing an experienced physician is essential to having a safe, healthy and successful procedure Additionally, it is imperative to follow your physician’s post-surgical instructions and contact him immediately should you notice anything unusual.

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