Similar Treatments and Alternatives for Lipolite Laser Liposculpture

The lipolite laser liposculpture procedure combines laser precision and fat-melting technology with fat-suction technology to reduce fat tissue and tighten skin in areas such as the abdomen, the thighs, the back, the arms, the face and the neck. When deciding which procedure is right for your cosmetic goals, you should compare laser liposculpture to similar treatments.


Liposuction is perhaps the cosmetic treatment the most similar to lipolite laser liposculpture solely because laser liposculpture actually partially uses liposuction technology. While liposuction may be the treatment that's been longer in use and may cost less--although that largely depends on the extent of the area you want treated as well--there are actually several disadvantages to choosing liposuction alone.

Because of the laser involved with liposculpture, you can expect less bleeding, less bruising, less swelling and less scarring, as well as a shorter recovery time. Lipolite laser liposculpture also allows your cosmetic surgeon to more precisely shape the treated area(s) for tighter skin and a more attractive look. The laser technology can also spur collagen production in your skin, which will make your skin tighter and smoother over time.

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery such as gastic banding and gastric bypass offers both advantages and disadvantages compared to lipolite laser liposculpture. Because liposculpture is not for patients who weigh more than 25 pounds above their ideal healthy weight, weight loss surgery may be your only option for a way to lose weight with assistance. At the same time, weight loss surgery is too invasive and drastic for patients who aren't excessively overweight, so you should not consider it if you're only slightly overweight.

Weight loss surgery is also much more expensive than liposculpture. The results of weight loss surgery aren't as immediate as liposculpture's results because the weight loss occurs over several months to several years as you intake fewer calories and exercise more. Weight loss surgery recovery is also more laborious and requires much more time off from work--several weeks compared to two days maximum.

Skin Tightening Treatment

If you're considering lipolite laser liposculpture to tighten skin and remove the appearance of sagging, slightly fatty tissue in the face and neck, you may not need to remove the tissue with suctioning technology. Instead, you can opt for an even less invasive technology, such as ReFirme skin tightening treatment, which uses a combination of lasers to jumpstart collagen production in the skin.

Liposculpture can help increase the production of collagen in the skin as well, but there may be no need for you to have incisions and have fat tissue removed, particularly in delicate areas such as the neck and face. There are also treatments, such as VelaShape, that can tighten skin and stir collagen production in larger areas of the body, such as the thighs and arms. Skin tightening treatments may cost less than liposculpture at the onset, but there is the drawback that results are not permanent. You will need to complete several treatment sessions and regular follow-up maintenance sessions in order to maintain optimal results.

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