Slim Lipo

What is Slim Lipo?

For many years, liposuction has helped many patients achieve a smoother body contour by eliminating unwanted pockets of localized fat. However, the procedure was considered fairly invasive, resulting in discomfort and time off work to recover. Modern technology now offers patients access to laser-assisted fat removal, which results in less invasive procedures and less downtime afterward. SlimLipo is a laser-assisted body contouring treatment that eliminates localized fat with much less discomfort, bruising and recovery time than traditional liposuction procedures.

The "Slim" is an acronym for "selective laser induced melting" and is one of the newest laser technologies to come on the market for this purpose. This machine uses a laser wavelength-920, which manufacturers claim melts away fat deposits much more efficiently than other laser treatments. The incisions that are made to insert the laser are extremely small, eliminating much of the discomfort and bleeding of other liposuction procedures. Smaller incisions also allow for a quicker recovery time, with many patients returning to work the day after receiving a Slim Lipo treatment.

Who is a candidate for the Slim Lipo procedure?

Candidates for Slim Lipo are men and women in relatively good health with localized areas of fat that have not responded well to diet and exercise. Slim Lipo is not a treatment for obesity and is usually used on patients of average weight. The patient should have realistic expectations about what the procedure can do and should be prepared to follow pre and post-operative instructions carefully to ensure the best results.

What areas do Slim Lipo treatments target?

The precision of the SlimLipo laser means that doctors can use this technology to treat much smaller areas than are possible with traditional liposuction procedures. These areas include:

  • Upper arms
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Back
  • Chin

In cases where smaller areas are treated, there is often no need for suction, further reducing the risk of bruising and discomfort after the procedure. In addition, Slim Lipo can be used on larger areas including:

  • Abdomen
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

In these cases, suction may be used to help eliminate the melted fat from the area.

What are the benefits of Slim Lipo?

There are many benefits to using a laser-assisted procedure like Slim Lipo. The incisions made to insert the laser are very small, eliminating the need for sutures and greatly reducing the pain and bruising after the procedure. Using a laser means less trauma so the body can recover more quickly. The laser may also be used to tighten the skin in the area, leaving a smoother body contour behind. Slim Lipo is also highly versatile, so it can be used to treat more precise areas than traditional liposuction. This procedure may be performed under a local anesthesia, eliminating much of the risk associated with a general anesthesia.

How does the procedure work?

The patient and doctor review the patient's medical history to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions that might interfere with the Slim Lipo procedure. The patient is then counseled about realistic expectations for the outcome of the treatment. The area to be addressed is marked and a local anesthesia applied. The doctor then makes small incisions to insert the small, thin tube called a cannula. The cannula has the laser attached to the end, which is fired into the fat pocket. The fat deposit is dissolved by the laser into liquid form, which can be eliminated from the body through a suction device or through the body's own elimination systems.

What is the recovery like?

Some patients experience slight discomfort, bruising and swelling after the procedure. The doctor may recommend wearing a compression dressing for a few days to minimize these side effects. Many patients return to work the day after the procedure, depending on the occupation. Most patients wait a week or two to resume strenuous activity. One of the greatest advantages to Slim Lipo is that the recovery time is relatively short and painless.

What risks may be associated with Slim Lipo?

Risks might include infection, pain, swelling and bruising at the incision sites. There is also a slight possibility of irregular body contouring or skin pigmentation after the procedure. Most of these risks are slight and can be reduced further by choosing a doctor who is experienced with SlimLipo. It is also important to follow pre and post-operative instructions precisely.

What is the cost of Slim Lipo?

The cost of a SlimLipo treatment varies depending on the size of the area worked on and the amount of fat to be removed. Most procedures will average between $2000 and $6000 though the exact figure depends on the geographic location and the specific physician offering treatment. Insurance rarely covers the cost of cosmetic procedures, so financing options may be researched.  In-house financing may be offered as well at the physician's clinic.

Disclaimer: This information is intended only as an introduction to this procedure. This information should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor does it guarantee results of your elective surgery. Further details regarding surgical standards and procedures should be discussed with your physician.

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Updated: October 30, 2009

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