Smart Lipo Procedure: Recovery and Results

Recovery from Smart Lipo is different for each person, and varies depending on the type, location and number of procedures done. Most patients are given a prescription pain medication to take during recovery, but many report that they manage discomfort adequately with acetaminophen. Doctors do not recommend taking any kind of anti-inflammatory drugs during this period. Patients report that they have to manage drainage from the incision sites for a day or two, but these close quickly. Patients will be quite sore during the first week after a Smart Lipo procedure because of bruising and swelling, but the swelling should be manageable if they wear the prescribed compression garments for the next two weeks. The soreness should abate within a week after the Smart Lipo treatment, but skin improvements will continue to progress for the next four to six months. The results of Smart Lipo may not be as dramatic as a tummy tuck, but they should be comparable to those seen from traditional liposuction treatment. The excess fat will be removed from the treated area, and once the swelling recedes, the skin should be significantly tighter and smoother. Although Smart Lipo may not be the treatment of choice for those who have massive amounts of fat to be removed, it should remove around eight pounds of fat easily. Doctors caution that patients should be realistic about the amount of skin tightening generated by a Smart Lipo procedure. The younger the patient is, the more skin elasticity he or she will have, and, obviously, better results from Smart Lipo. However, more mature patients are usually quite pleased with their results as well. Some blind studies using control groups show that the skin tightens up to fifteen percent in the first month and over fifty percent by the three month mark. Smart Lipo is usually a very successful procedure for fat removal and body proportioning. Some of the most experienced doctors report a patient satisfaction rate of close to ninety-five percent from this innovative procedure.

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