Vaser Liposelection Myths and Facts

Vaser Liposelection is a popular slimming procedure that employs high frequency sound energy to make the fat removal easier. The procedure can give excellent results with minimal down time and minimal pain, however, there are a few myths regarding the procedure and its effects that need to be clarified.

Myth: Vaser Liposelection Is Suitable for Anyone

Fact: The Vaser Liposelection procedure can remove limited amounts of fat, so it is not suitable for certain people that have a lot of fat to lose. On average, the treatment can remove about up to 10 pounds of fat from one area at a time. The procedure can be applied on several body parts including the neck and chin, back, arms, hips, thighs, stomach or buttocks.

Consult a plastic surgeon to determine if the Vaser Liposelection procedure is suitable for you or to see if there are other treatments that are more recommended.

Myth: Liposelection Is Like Traditional Liposuction

Fact: The Vaser Liposelection is a liposuction procedure, but there are some differences between traditional liposuction and the liposelection.

The traditional liposuction employs a cannula that extracts all the fat cells, while the Vaser Liposelection uses a saline infusion fluid that is injected prior to extracting the fat and the fat is dislodged by the ultrasonic energy device.

Vaser Liposelection is less aggressive than traditional liposuction leaving the skin and blood vessels intact, but has similar effects to traditional liposuction.

Another important difference is that Vaser Liposelection is more tissue selective, resulting in less bruising and swelling and no or minimal pain post surgery.

Myth: The Infusion Fluid Is Toxic

Fact: The saline agent that is introduced under the skin to facilitate the dislocation of fat contains epinephrine (a blood constrictor agent) and lidocaine (anesthetic).

Lidocaine can be toxic if used in high concentrations; however, the Vaser Liposelection treatment wetting solution uses a low concentrated lidocaine that is not dangerous.

The plastic surgeon knows exactly how to prepare the saline solution so that it won’t harm you.

Myth: You Won't Gain Fat in the Future

Fact: The Vaser Liposelection removes fat cells, but there will still be a layer of fat remaining after the surgery, as fat cells are necessary for a healthy body.

If you will gain weight in the future, you will deposit fat in all areas of the body including the liposelection treated areas, as the remaining fat cells will expand.

It is falsely believed that the fat will only be deposited in the areas that were not treated with Vaser Liposelection.

Myth: Vaser Liposelection Removes Cellulite

Fact: Cellulite is made up of fat that lodges in the skin and gives it the orange peel aspect. Even if Vaser Liposelection works under the skin to remove the fat cells, the cellulite cannot be removed with this procedure.

Some patients have shown improvement of the appearance of the cellulite areas; however, these effects are not guaranteed, so if you only have cellulite, this procedure is not for you.

Presently, there are no cures for cellulite, but there are a few solutions that can improve the appearance of the skin (i.e. massage or special creams).

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