Medical Conditions and Blue Peel

The popular Blue Peel is performed in-office and will instantly improve the overall look and feel of your facial skin. It is made using a slow acting trichloroacetic acid (TCA) mixture and smoothed over the skin. The Blue Peel aids in the removal of dead skin cells and helps produce new skin cells. TCA is not absorbed through the skin, and therefore has no harmful internal toxic side effects. Your medical spa skin specialist will monitor and gauge the appropriate depth to achieve maximum results. 

Pregnancy and Blue Peel

During pregnancy, many women experience something called melasma, also associated with the use of some birth control pills. While pregnant, you must consult your OBGYN and cosmetic procedure specialist. Non-prescription Blue Peels are safe for pregnant women and nursing moms.

Prior Facial Treatments

If you have recently undergone any facial surgeries, whether invasive or non-invasive, it is best to wait for your skin to heal before opting for a Blue Peel procedure. If you currently have any swelling or bruising on your skin, a Blue Peel treatment may delay the healing process and produce undesirable results.
The only commonly noted side effects of the Blue Peel were slight irritation or burning while the peel is on the skin. Your skin care specialist may offer a fan to aide in reducing those symptoms. After the treatment, you should expect the skin to begin to peel 2 to 3 days after the treatment and will clear about 1 week later.
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