J. Lo's Skin Secrets & a Little Dirt....

Jennifer Lopez, told Top of the Pops magazine that she does 3 things to maintain her beauty. We always hear that peole need their beauty rest and J. Lo makes sure she gets at least 8 hours of shut eye every night. She also drinks lots of water and credits her glowing skin to a good scrubbing cleanser. However, she admits she has her bad days just like the rest of us. In other Hollywood dirt, J. Lo's ex, Ben Affleck, told a local reporter that breaking up with the singer improved his celebrity status and helped him "grow up." Affleck, who is now the happy husband of Jennifer Garner and daddy of daughter Violet, is back with new movie Hollywoodland. Ben won Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival, and claims he has learned much from the film flops of Gigli and Jersey Girl.
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