10 Lipo Dissolve Myths Dispelled

You have probably heard of lipo dissolve. In fact, if you stay on top of celebrity weight loss trends, it's practically impossible to think that you haven't heard of the LipoDissolve technique for weight loss and body shaping. It's been a big trend lately and a lot of celebrities have gotten on board. But when something gets that kind of hype, it can be really difficult to separate the truth from the fiction about the product being discussed. You don't want to get on board with lipo dissolve just because a celebrity supposedly has, you want the facts. A good place to get started with learning the facts is to take a look at this myth/fact list provided by fig, distributor of LipoDissolve. The list looks at ten common myths associated with lipo dissolve and then gives the facts related to that myth. Of course, as the distributor, it's biased, but it does provide some interesting and useful information that will get you started on learning more about the product. You'll even learn about other techniques, such as mesotherapy, and how they differ from LipoDissolve. photo credit
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