A Look At Our Dermatologist Panel

As you know, this blog is associated with DermaNetwork which is further associated with a board of advisors made up of notable dermatologists. While these dermatologists are not responsible for the content that you see on this blog, it's worth taking a look at who we're associated with here on the site. Here are the basics about three dermatologists: ? Dr. Michael H. Gold ? This dermatologist is a source of information all on his own considering that he has authored over 75 scientific articles on the work that he does. That work includes being the first dermatologist to perform a clinical trial on certain laser hair removal techniques and the being the first dermatologist to study certain treatments for keloid scarring. ? Dr. Neil Sadick ? This dermatologist is also a great source of information, having authored books and articles about cosmetic surgery, sclerotherapy and other aspects of his work. He has worked with a number of dermatologist organizations including the Cosmetic Surgery Foundation. ? Dr. Steven Zimmet ? This dermatologist and phlebotomist has combined his two major areas of study to work in the area of cosmetic surgery for vein treatment. As with the other two dermatologists, he has written a number of articles about his work. As you can see, we are hardly the only source for dermatology news. Each dermatologist that we are affiliated with has written his own material which is worth checking out if you truly have an interest in the field.
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