Celebrity Plastic Surgery for the Oscars

When the Oscars start to get close, there's no time to be rushing to the doctor for celebrity plastic surgery. Instead, most celebrities do a little bit of maintenance work to make sure that their appearance is up to the red carpet without putting themselves through surgery. Various non-invasive techniques are used to lift and improve the face so that the stars can look perfect for the photographs that matter so much to the forward motion of their careers. Defamer.com has an article which sheds some light on which treatments are recommended for celebrities that are about to attend a big event like the Oscars. Those recommendations include: o Botox for preventing sweat: big events make everyone nervous but the celebrities are supposed to look cool and collected. Botox injections to prevent sweat can be used right before the event. o Botox Neck Lift: The goal here is to relax the muscles beneath the jaw line to make the face look better in pictures. This treatment is recommended to be done at least two weeks in advance of the big event. o Facial treatments: Regular chemical peels, standard exfoliation and even microdermabrasion are all recommended in the week leading up to the event. o Restylane injections: These are used around the eyes and on the lips to create the full, smooth look that the celebrities want to have. There are any number of different treatments that celebrities might get in order to primp for a big event like the Oscars. And these same treatments are available to the average person who is preparing for an important affair. photo link
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