Celebrity Quotes on Plastic Surgery and Beauty

Starpulse News Blog posted a list of memorable celebrity quotes last week and of course quotes about beauty were on that list. The two that really stood out on the list were those that were quoted by Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm and Actress Nicole Kidman. Chisholm spoke frankly about celebrity plastic surgery while Kidman took a more natural approach to beauty secrets. The quote by Melanie Chisholm was one which said that she supports plastic surgery but is a little bit afraid of it. For the time being, she's avoiding plastic surgery because of her fears. This is something that real girls can relate to. People want to improve their looks and are willing to consider their medical options but they hesitate because they aren't quite sure what that entails. One option is to go with skin rejuvenation and non-invasive techniques which serve to improve the appearance of the face without the risks of surgery. Nicole Kidman's quote was more romantic. She said that her best beauty secret is to "fall in love". It's true that falling in love gives girls that happy glow. But falling in love isn't something that you can plan and sometimes you need a little bit more concrete action for improving your appearance. Again, non-invasive techniques can provide that beauty boosting option. A chemical peel can be used to refresh the skin and give it that glowing look that you'd get if you'd recently fallen in love. photo link
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