Celebrity Skin Care Endorsement: Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett has long been known to have seemingly perfect skin. Despite the fact that it's frequently layered with heavy make-up for her films, her skin retains a fully moisturized and flawless appearance. And now Cate is saying that this is due to her ongoing and regular use of the skin care product line SK-II. Of course, she's saying this because she has been named the global ambassador for the luxury skin care product line. But she reports that she's been using the products for a number of years and that her endorsement comes from her belief in them, not the other way around. Previously, this product has primarily been available in the Asian beauty care market. Some department stores do carry it here in the United States (and more will likely begin to do so with the attention the line is getting from Blanchett's support). Despite this, it's a product that is reportedly good for all skin tones and types. It uses a mixture of minerals to create a mask which soothes the skin and helps it rejuvenate itself. Of course, masks will only take you so far in the beauty market. Most people just aren't blessed to have the kind of skin like Blanchett's that can take a beating and keep on glowing. So it's possible that this new skin care line might work best in conjunction with other rejuvenation treatments designed to improve the appearance of the skin. Combining moisturizers with regular treatments like chemical peels can boost the benefits of both products. photo link
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