Laughing Matters: Will Faith Hill Get Celebrity Plastic Surgery?

Faith Hill may love her life and she may love to laugh but she's not loving what that laughter is doing to her face. According to MTV.CA, she recently reported to People magazine that although she's a natural she's going by the "never say never" rule when it comes to the topic of plastic surgery. The problem area that she's apparently most concerned about is her face where laugh lines are starting to cause wrinkles that time can't erase. We're all glad that the pop country superstar has a lot to laugh about but plastic surgery of this kind is no laughing matter. Many people find as they age that the lines coming on to their faces aren't as flattering as they hoped they'd be; not too many of us age gracefully. Faith Hill is still holding out against taking care of the unflattering looks with plastic surgery but she's not exactly ruling out the potential for that option in the future. photo credit
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