Melasma: Do You Need A Dermatologist During Pregnancy?

You know how they say that pregnant women get that beautiful glow in their faces? Sure, some women do ? especially celebrity mothers on television shows who have the help of cameras and make-up artists. But not all women are so lucky. Pregnancy changes the hormones that are hard at work in your body and that can throw off what's going on inside you enough to cause your face to look anything but pretty. Acne during pregnancy is common, although many women don't realize it. So do you want to go nine months with an icky face or do you want a dermatologist to help you fix the problem? One of the major dermatological conditions faced by pregnant women is melasma. Melasma is a darkening of the skin caused by many different factors including hormonal imbalances. It's even sometimes termed "the mask of pregnancy". Sure, if you've got pregnancy-induced melasma, you can probably just wait to have the baby and watch it go away. But if you're going to be an active gal while pregnant, you might not want to sacrifice your appearance. A dermatologist can use chemical peels, topical creams and other products to assist you in getting the glow that you hoped would come with pregnancy. Talk over how this will affect the baby before doing anything "rash". photo credit
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