Botox Seller Looking into Eyelash Enhancement

Allergan, a company which develops and commercializes a number of products including the widely-loved Botox injections, may be testing the possibility that one of its other products (Lumigan) can be used for enhancing eyelashes. Lumigan is a glaucoma drug but it's been picked up by the aesthetics industry as a product which actually has the ability to make eyelashes grow longer. The use of Lumigan for this purpose is currently controversial. Cosmetic companies have begun creating mascara-like beauty products which include Lumigan as an ingredient. Some doctors have begun prescribing Lumigan for eyelash enhancement. And researchers are working double-time to see if they can develop a more complete product to market to people interested in extending their eyelashes. Allergan is one of the major researchers exploring that option. They have even pursued patents to prevent others from developments in this area. It is believed that their development of Lumigan would mirror the way that they developed Botox, originally a neuromuscular drug, for cosmetic purposes. You can learn more about this from the complete article in The Daily Herald. photo link
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