Celebrity Botox: Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, the biting judge from American Idol, sat down recently and dished with Daily Mail about his beauty and fitness regimen. Although he denies getting celebrity plastic surgery (he was asked about pec implants), he readily admits to regular Botox injections. At nearly 50, eating healthy and exercising will take you a long way in the good looks department. However, you aren't going to have a perfect face at that age. Cowell says he doesn't know any working guy his age who doesn't use Botox and he's not afraid to admit that he benefits from it as well. He's not obsessed with it, just aware that it can help him look a little better for the cameras that like to keep such a keen eye on him. Cowell is able to make the most of his Botox boost by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This helps to keep his skin and body in good shape so that not too much Botox is needed. Botox alone can do wonders but it's best when used minimally to supplement a body that is already healthy. photo link
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