Does Caffeine Battle Cellulite?

We're always trying to find ways to battle cellulite. After all, it's considered one of the most unattractive aspects of a woman's body as she starts to age and it's something that happens to almost all women. So we're all interested in the solutions that are out there for minimizing cellulite on our bodies. Would you believe that caffeine might be one of those solutions? No, you should rush out and buy a gallon-size cup of coffee. Imbibing the caffeine isn't going to work. But a report from CBS News shows that a number of different cellulite creams are beginning to use caffeine as a primary ingredient. Caffeine tightens the blood vessels which may improve the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, some cellulite creams use a product called Coffeeberry which includes both caffeine and anti-oxidants to further stimulate improved appearance of the body. Despite this information, the report readily informs readers that cellulite creams don't actually get rid of cellulite. They minimize the appearance and feel of the cellulite for a time so that you can achieve a look that you want. However, to actually reduce cellulite, you'll want to consider something like laser cellulite treatment. photo link
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