Finding Good Skin Rejuvenation in California

A couple of weeks ago it was reported by California journalists that a Sacramento med spa may have closed down without warning its customers. (You can read the full report here.) The med spa in question still has an operating web site (here) so it's not clear whether or not they really shut down. However, it brings up that old issue of making sure that the doctors you go to for your skin rejuvenation treatments can be counted on to be good doctors. We don't know about the med spa in question but we do know about eight different facilities located all throughout California where you can get skin rejuvenation treatments done by qualified professionals. From San Diego to Santa Barbara and Long Beach to Oakland, these doctors are available to give you treatments ranging from laser hair removal to laser tattoo removal. You can find a list of these doctors and their contact information located here. If you're interested in finding a good skin rejuvenation specialist who is located in a state other than California, you can start your search here. By going to a qualified professional you'll avoid problems like your med spa shutting down before your treatments are complete. Why cause yourself more hassle than life already has? photo link
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