Lip Fillers Recommended For Nice Winter Lips

A recent article at The Daily Herald discussed the fact that your lips need a lot of care in the winter that they might not need during the rest of the year. As we move towards the cooler months, you'll want to avoid chapped lips by protecting them from the wind and cold. But if you're looking for lips that do more than just survive the winter, if you really want lips that stand out and get noticed, you might want to consider getting out of the chilly air and into your doctor's office for some lip filler treatments. Lip augmentation treatment options include: - Collagen - Hylaform - Restylane - Radiesse These treatments can improve the appearance of your lips in a number of ways. They can make thin lips look fuller and reduce lines and wrinkling around the lips. Once you've gotten your treatments, you'll want to protect your lips with appropriate balms or glosses. Ask your doctor what type of winter protection is right to use after the treatment. photo link
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