Lip Implants vs. Lip Augmentation Injections

Some people don't like the idea of plastic surgery but have no problem at all with getting minimally invasive procedures like lip injections. Others would rather get a more permanent solution from the get-go rather than having to go in for regular treatments. We have seen the division on this issue in the past when discussing permanent skin fillers. It's also a topic of hot debate amongst people who want fuller lips. Like with skin fillers, one choice is to get regular injections which plump the lips but don't last more than a few months. Another choice is to get implants into the lips which are designed to be more permanent. Sometimes the choice for permanence is made for the convenience of the patient. Other times it is made because temporary injections proved to be inefficient. NBC Florida recently reported on a woman who saw no results with injections but is quite pleased with her permanent lip implants. There are, of course, pros and cons to both kinds of treatments. What those are varies from person to person. Some people think that temporary is a great quality and others think it's an annoyance. You should find a doctor who is willing to sit down and discuss your needs before deciding on a treatment. photo link
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