Men Can Move Up In The Workplace With Rejuvenation On Their side

To compete in the modern professional world, men have to have the whole package. They need to be articulate, technologically savvy, respectful to women, confident and aggressive without being overbearing ... it's a narrow tightrope to walk. And many older men in the business market are finding that it's easier for the young guys than it is for them. In order to be able to hold their own in this world, men have to look the part. As a result, an increasing number of men are turning to skin rejuvenation treatments. They can improve their appearance with a little help from minimally invasive techniques. This goes a long way towards boosting their confidence and helping them move forward in the professional world.
"Male Baby Boomers realize they're competing with younger men, both in the workplace and in the social arena," says Allan Parungao, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon. "Many men are turning to minimally invasive plastic surgery to help them maintain their edge."(Source: press release).
Men can benefit from a number of different treatments. Dermal fillers to reduce signs of aging in the face are a common treatment. Skin resurfacing and lipo options are also up there on the list. Women have always known that they had to look their best to get the job done. Now the guys are starting to realize it as well. photo link
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