Throw Yourself a Rejuvenation Treatment Party

Getting together with the girls can take many forms. Frequently, these forms are related to supporting each other in our beauty efforts. We go make-up and clothes shopping with one another. We take yoga and pilates classes at the same gym so that we can motivate each other to keep going. We get manicures and pedicures, massages and haircuts together. A day at the spa is a common way for gals to get together, gossip and treat each other and themselves well. But sometimes it all gets a little bit stale doesn't it? You love getting together with the gals for these beauty indulgences but you want to do something a little bit different than what you always do. Why not throw yourself a rejuvenation treatment party? No, you don't have to splurge and hire Botox doctors to make a house call for the event. It can just be a way to share information and explore your treatment options with the girls. To throw a rejuvenation treatment party you'll need to do the following: o Gather together information about different treatments that might be of interest to the party. Get brochures from your favorite professionals so that you can flip through the information easily. Make sure to cover a wide range of treatments from Blue Peel to LipoDissolve. o Plan on some simple healthy snacks to get everyone in the mood. Get several bottles of red wine. You can make the excuse that many celebrities have said that bathing in wine is good for your skin. You'll just be drinking it, but that's beside the point. o Come up with a creative beauty game. A favorite is to put a bunch of beauty products in a bowl (exfoliators, moisturizers) and have blindfolded guests feel the materials and identify them. They get to keep what they get right. o Invite a small group of your close friends. If you can include some people who regularly get treatments, you'll have a better discussion at your party. At the very least, ask that everyone brings one beauty tip to the table for discussion. A rejuvenation party can be a great way to see your friends, do something different and get information about various skin rejuvenation techniques all at the same time. Celebrate yourself! photo link
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