Best Skin Care Stories of 2007

As the year comes to an end, let's take a moment to look back at some of the best news, stories and tips that were reported on in 2007: Celebrity Stories: We're always interested in hearing about which celebrities are doing what for their skin treatments. In January we learned some of J. Lo's skin secrets. Also early in the year we learned about Brangelina's acne concerns and Marcia Cross's work with skin cancer awareness. In more recent months, we have focused on celebrity botox including that done by men like Christian Slater and Simon Cowell. Botox Stories: Botox hasn't just made the headlines when celebrities have used it. It's also been featured in a number of other reports. These include Botox theft, Botox for earlobes and Botox for charity. LipoDissolve Stories: One of the most popular new treatments being done by skin care doctors today is the weight loss treatment called LipoDissolve. We saw some myths about it get dispelled, some people report on its success and rumors that Britney Spears was using it to trim up. Other recent favorites: Some of the other top stories reported on recently were info on skin care charities, books about skin care treatments, and tips for throwing a rejuvenation treatment party. Look forward to more skin care news and gossip in 2008 - starting tomorrow! Question of the Day: What was your favorite 2007 skin care rejuvenation story? photo link
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