Celebrity Botox: Christian Slater

Celebrity gossip hounds went crazy last week with negative comments about Christian Slater's possible Botox injections. Mollygood.com, PrettyBoring.com and yeeeah! all had something none-too-nice to say about Slater's current appearance. What they're thinking is that he got the kind of bad Botox that leaves you with a frozen face. There's no confirmation either way about whether or not Slater got the treatments. But the most common scenario in cases like this is that the celebrity took a bad picture that made them get that wide-eyed deer-in-the-headlights look and that the look was then mistaken for bad Botox. If Slater is getting the treatments done, perhaps he just needs to work with a better doctor to make the look appear just a tad more subtle. Many men avoid getting Botox because they don't want people to know that they're concerned about the effects of aging on their appearance. When Botox injections are done correctly, they enhance the appearance rather than making the treatment obvious to everyone around you. If you're having concerns about the way that Botox will work on you, you should find a doctor that you can talk over the issue with. If you want subtle, a doctor should work with you to create a subtle look. Question of the Day: Do you think Slater got bad Botox? photo link
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