New Comsetic Enhancement Trend: "Lobe Jobs"

What part of your body do you think about when you hear the words "Botox" or "Restylane"? Most likely, you either think about plumping up your lips or lifting the wrinkles from around your eyes. But the latest trend in plastic surgery moves a little left of this traditional center ... and a little to the right as well. In fact, it moves these injections off to the side of your face and into your ears. Earlobe injections are becoming an increasingly popular request at doctor's offices and med spas around the nation. The New York Observer reports that it's particularly popular among aging socialites whose ears betray the age that their faces do not. Over time, earlobes may become thinner and begin to sag. This is particularly true on women who wear earrings a significant amount of the time. The earlobe injections plump those ears back up to complete the youthful appearance of the face.
"If a woman is using fillers in her face to clean up things like naso-labial folds and forehead lines, making her face appear more youthful, then aging ears may stand out even more. Put another way, you want the handles to complement the vase-kind of like making sure your accessories match your outfit." (Source)
The injections used are the same basic dermal fillers that are used on the rest of the face. Ask your doctor about whether or not this trend has been picked up in his (or her) office yet. Question of the Day: How much does the appearance of your ears concern you? photo link
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