Recognition for Laser Resurfacing Device

Reliant Technologies is the creator of the Fraxel re:pair laser system which is used by many skin rejuvenation specialists for laser resurfacing. The company has just announced that this systems has received the only FDA 510(K) clearance by the FDA for specific indications of use. What this means is that the laser system, which is already in use for treating problems like wrinkles, has now received recognition for its effectiveness in treating very specific skin problems. Those problems include pigmented lesions on the skin, certain vein problems and brow furrowing. Laser resurfacing is a term which describes the use of lasers on the skin to improve cosmetic flaws. It is frequently used for getting rid of wrinkles. Another common use is to get rid of the appearance of sun damage on the skin. However, the lasers can be used for other specific treatments such as those indicated by the award received by Reliant. This particular tool is appreciated in the industry because of its effectiveness as well as the convenience associated with its use. The tool is small and can be easily held in the hand of a qualified doctor to perform laser resurfacing with minimal difficulty. It is also associated with reduction of adverse effects in comparison with other types of laser resurfacing tools. Question of the Day: What skin problems could laser resurfacing resolve for you? photo link
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