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You love going to your skin care rejuvenation doctor. You're happy to spend the money on treatments ranging from laser hair removal to Botox injections. You believe that the benefits you receive from feeling better about your skin's appearance are well worth the cost that comes out of your pocket. But what about those people who can't afford to get skin care rejuvenation treatments? Sure, dermal fillers are no necessity. But there are people out there who are suffering from skin conditions and who could greatly benefit from being able to receive treatments that allow them to take care of the problems that they have. After all, we always do better in life if we can put our best face forward. This holiday season, you might consider giving to a charity that can assist these people in getting the treatments that you so often take for granted. Here are a few examples of charities that you might consider:
- American Skin Association. This organization helps in all areas of skin disorder including skin cancers.
- Scleroderma Foundation. Scleroderma is a skin disease that causes redness of the skin and other issues. This foundation helps treat it.
- This is a peer support group for people suffering from acne, a condition which many people think is only for teens but which plagues adults across the nation.
If you're more interested in giving a gift that gives back to you, you could do some research into donating money to funding research for the development of new skin care rejuvenation procedures. In this way, your dollars help yourself while you help others. Question of the Day: Are you familiar with any other skin care charities that are worth noting here? photo link
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