The Issue of Race in Skin Rejuvenation

Not all skin care rejuvenation treatments are the same. In fact, each treatment is tailored specifically to the needs to the individual. Think of it kind of like sunless tanning - the amount of time that you spend in the tanning booth, the types of tanning lotions that you use and the results that you will achieve all depend greatly on the tone and texture of your skin. This is true not just for sunless tanning but for many other skin care treatments that are done today. The Chicago Sun Times recently reported on the fact that more doctors need to be aware of the importance of attending to the needs of different patients with attention to their skin tone and texture. Many people, including doctors, are uncomfortable bringing up the issue of race in relation to beauty. It can be a loaded topic. However, when brought up in a professional manner, it holds the key to making sure that your treatments are right for your skin type as well as for your beauty goals. Different pigmentation in skin may react differently to treatments. In order for a treatment to be successful, a doctor must be aware of these potential different reactions. This is particularly true in treatments related to the pigmentation of the skin (such as removal of age spots and treatment of melasma or rosacea). However, it may be true in other types of skin care treatment as well. Speak with a qualified doctor about the way that your skin type will be affected by your treatments so that you can find solutions that work for you. Question of the Day: Are you uncomfortable with discussing the connection between race and beauty treatments? photo link
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