Help For Sun Addicts

So, you're one of those Tanning Addicts? Worried about having skin that too closely resembles leather one day in the not so distant future? Here's what can be done to correct for those years of admiring the golden orb in the sky... "Photoaging" is the term used to describe skin damage from sun exposure. You'll recognize photoaging as thick, dry skin with freckles and other discolorations, as well as deep wrinkles. Depending on variables such as your age, general health, medical history, severity and type of the damage, and your tolerance for treatments, there are several therapies that might be recommended to increase regeneration of new healthy skin: *injections of botulinum toxin type A to temporarily immobilize facial muscles to prevent wrinkle formation and soften existing lines *chemical peels in which the top layer of skin is removed, allowing the regeneration of new, undamaged skin *injections of collagen to replace skin's lost supply, to plump up wrinkles and scars *dermabrasion and microdermabrasion, which uses a machine to abrade the top layer of skin for a smoother appearance *laser resurfacing and non-ablative resurfacing, which utilizes high-energy light (lasers) that literally burns damaged skin away *tretinoin, a topical cream that can reduce wrinkles and discoloration So if you just can't stay out of the sun, learn about your options now to make up later for all that tanning time.
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