Camouflage Cosmetics Cure Your Cosmetic Blues (and Reds)

Do you remember that old Sex and the City episode in which Samantha spontaneously decides to get a chemical peel and has to turn up at an event with a face that looks raw and battered? Some of us cringe in recognition when we watch that re-run and some people are afraid to even try cosmetic dermatology because they don't want to end up looking like that. The fact of the matter is that there is some redness and discoloration associated with certain cosmetic dermatology procedures. But the medical industry knows about the problem as well as consumers do and has been working on products and services to resolve it. One of the latest miracle workers in this line of solutions is camouflage cosmetics. Cosmetic dermatologists are increasingly starting to use camouflage make-up in their post-care procedures. What this make-up does is covers up the redness and irritation of the procedure without causing any harm to the skin. You get the long-term results that you're seeking from your surgery without the short term scare of discolored skin. You can rest easy knowing that even though you've got a meeting after your morning appointment, you'll be fresh and ready to go. Some cosmetic dermatologists are even beginning to employ paramedical camouflage therapists in their office. This makes going to the doctor an experience that's almost as pleasant as going to the spa. After your chemical peel or Botox injection, you'll relax like a superstar while a professional does your make-up. The point of these procedures is to help you look and feel your best. Camouflage cosmetics could be a step in the right direction. Learn more about using these kinds of cosmetics from this Dermatology Times article on the topic. Photo Credit: Livelihood Life
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