Botox Celebrity Stars In New Play

If there is a celebrity that is known for her use of Botox, it's Joan Rivers. She's not ashamed to admit that she feels fine about both Botox injections and plastic surgery. And she's not afraid to take some risks in her career if she thinks that it's going to be a good experience. One of the most recent risks was the creation of her own one-woman play in which she's starring as four different characters. You can learn some of the details about the play from The Jewish Journal. You won't get the whole inside scoop, though. That's because Rivers is keeping quiet on the details so that audience members can be surprised by her story. What we do know is that it's a true story of a bad experience at The Academy Awards. The fact that Rivers isn't talking about the plot is interesting given that she talks about everything else. She's one of the most vocal celebrities out there about plastic surgery and skin care improvements:
"I'm a big advocate," she says of nips and tucks. "You redo your car and repaint your house. So if you want to feel better and have a better looking nose, or lift your eyes, what's so terrible?" (Source)
Her face should be shining with smiles as the play gets exposed to audiences. She's been called nothing if she hasn't been called funny! Question of the Day: What do you suppose the plot of the play might be? photo link
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