Have a Friend Pick You Up From Your Skin Doctor

According to Holidays for Everyday, today is supposed to be A Friend Picks You Up Day. Although there's no description as to what exactly that means, it seems to suggest either that a friend drives you somewhere or that a friend gives you a pick-me-up. In either case, it would be appropriate to get a friend to come along with you to your skin care doctor appointment. Even if it's not a holiday, it's nice to have a friend go along with you to the doctor. Although it's possible to drive yourself to and from most skin care rejuvenation treatments (such as Botox or chemical peels), it's nice to have the company. You can treat it like a "spa day" and go grab lunch before you head to the treatment. Despite the fact that these procedures are common - and are quite simple - they can be a little bit nerve-wracking for someone who is new to them. It's still a doctor's office and most of us don't like going to those, whatever the reason we're there may be. If you have a friend who is just starting to go get these things done, consider being the pick-me-up and volunteering to go with her! Question of the Day: What don't you like about going to the skin care doctor alone? photo link
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