Ideas for Universal Letter Writing Week

Did you know that the second week of January is set aside as Universal Letter Writing Week? If you're like most people, you don't normally take the time to write out letters. But you can probably spare a few minutes here or there to pen one out in honor of the holidays. (You can even do it while you're in the waiting room of your skin care doctor.) Here are some ideas for letters that you might write if skin care is an issue of concern to you:
- Write a letter of appreciation to your skin care rejuvenation doctor. Also send one to the person that recommended the doctor to you.
- Write a letter of concern to any skin care rejuvenation product makers that you think aren't up to par. You want good products on the market.
- Write a letter to someone who you think has great skin, letting them know that you noticed it.
- Write a letter to yourself about the skin care problems you've overcome and tuck it into some place where you can read it on a down day.
Question of the Day: What other skin care letters could you write this week to honor the holiday? photo link
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