Laser Hair Removal Makes Straight Shaving a Lost Art

The Tahlequah Daily Press ran an article earlier this week about the lost art of straight razor shaving. It points out that this used to be a commonly requested procedure at a standard barber's office but that it's now becoming almost obsolete. The reason for that is because advanced technology makes it much easier to get rid of facial hair without sticking a razor to your skin. Why run the risk of getting your nose sliced off when a little bit of laser hair removal can do the trick for you? And of course, it isn't just facial hair that people are looking to remove at the salon these days. Both men and women frequently want their arms waxed. Men may also want to get their chests and backs waxed. And women, well just think of the Brazilian and you'll rapidly realize that women are getting all of their hair taken off. There are probably still some old folks out there who want to go sit down in a barber's chair and get a straight razor applied to their skin. But the times have changed. A laser is just a much more convenient option these days. Question of the Day: Have you ever had a straight razor shaving? Or seen one done in person? photo link
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