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There are many different places that you can go for information about different skin rejuvenation procedures (starting with this site!) But one of the most fun ways to get information is to go to a party being thrown by a local doctor who specializes in one or more of the treatments that interests you. "Botox parties" are the most common kind of party that people know about but many doctors regularly hold informational get-togethers at their offices to spread the word about their work. You don't necessarily want to go to this kind of get-together to actually get a treatment or even to find the specific doctor that you'll end up working with. Instead, these gatherings are just a terrific place for finding out more about the treatments that you're not familiar with. You can ask questions of the doctor and staff. More importantly, you can ask other people at the party what their own experiences have been like. To find a party like this, you'll want to start looking through the event listings for your city. If you live somewhere that Craigslist is available, you can check 'events' and 'classes' for legitimate parties. Alternatively, you can seek out the doctors and med spas in your area and call them up to ask if they'll be hosting an event soon. Even if they aren't, you can get on their mailing list to find out about future events. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of free information and the chance to meet some new people. Question of the Day: Have you ever been to a med spa party? photo link
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