Things We Want to Get Removed

There are many different things that we might want to do to improve our appearance. A lot of these are about getting bigger - breast implants, lip augmentation and fuller cheeks come to mind. However, a lot of what we want to do is to get stuff removed from our bodies. Here are some of the unwanted things that a doctor can help you remove: - Hair. Laser hair removal is a commonly requested procedure by both men and women. Whether they want to be entirely hairless or just to get a certain spot to look hair-free, they want that hair gone. - Tattoos. Laser tattoo removal is another popular choice. The tattoo may once have been pretty but it doesn't have to stick around forever. - Weight. We all want to lose a little bit of this don't we? That's why SmartLipo and LipoDissolve are such popular treatments. - Wrinkles. Botox and dermal fillers are all about getting ride of those wrinkles. - Age spots. Laser resurfacing and chemical peels are popular choices by many people and a good reason is to get rid of age spots that are showing up on the skin. Question of the Day: What do you want removed by your doctor? photo link
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