All Hands In

A new wave of cosmetic-junkies and celebrities are getting their anti-aging fix with plumping fillers and lasers in their hands. With these new cravings flooding the dermatology scene, the spotlight is on hand care. However, this new war against aging is not quite as simple as one would expect. Doctors are combating against dark spots, wrinkles and unattractive veins, but unlike that of the face the skin on the hands is considerably thinner and has the same texture as our eyelids ? making it significantly more difficult to work with. In a society driven by appearance and aesthetics its no wonder hand primping is becoming the new hit for the baby-booming-botox generation. Though many are seeking out hand-care alternatives like moisturizing gloves, gels and creams, the results are not up to par with those a dermatologist can provide. One of the most noticeable signs of aging is in the hands due to weight and volume loss once you approach your 50s, so the best strategy to plump-up a bony hand is Restylane injections. Our hands get the brunt of our daily wear and tear, so alongside the yearly Restylane injection, maintenance and upkeep is crucial for the best results. An injection is estimated around $3,000 for both hands, but with a consistent moisturizing and sunscreen daily regime, your dermatologist hand-care visits may be decreased. Even with the considerably high-cost of hand procedures, patients are still flocking to satisfy their youth driven cravings. If aging hands is not the problem, instead the issue is brown spots and unsightly veins, laser spot treatment has had great success in removing discolorations and dark-spots. Likewise, vascular surgeons perform sclerotherapy on the veins to shrink and minimize the unappealing look. The fountain of youth lies at your fingertips. can help you find a dermatologist to rejuvenate your hands. Photolink
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