Botox Boob Jobs

A new trend to perk up the breasts has made its way into the dermatology and plastic surgery scene. Yet again Botox is being used for non-wrinkle related treatments. This new procedure, which is still quite controversial, is injecting Botox into breasts to lift them up. However this newfound version of the non-surgical boob job may have many risks. The breasts are large muscles, constantly used for different activities so it would take a lot of Botox injections to even make a variance in sagginess. Doctors are still not sure if copious amounts of Botox is dangerous or not, and similarly the procedure would be quite costly ? running at about $2,000 per treatment (you would need injections at least 3 times a year). As exciting as this new boob-jab (as the British call it) is, the repercussions may be significant. It is probably a good idea to hold off on breast-Botox-pricks till the FDA has approved the procedure and more and more patients have done it. However, if you're interested in other dermatological treatments or using Botox as a wrinkle reliever then go to to find a professional and learn more. Photolink
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