Botox Scams Becoming Worrisome

The Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety set out a warning to patients that non-FDA approved and non-authentic Botox substitutes may be a health risk. These Botox scams are running rampant around the United States. The Coalition is urging patients and physicians alike to take an active role in investigating where the source of injectable cosmetics is coming from. Many of these substitutes, are cheap, unbranded, and counterfeit; some of which may negatively affect your health and the results of the procedure. Just this year there were 68 arrests of physicians involved in purposely using these cheap and unapproved counterfeits. Nearly half of which resulted in convictions. Considering the popularity of Botox and other cosmetic injections, this is quite the concern for patients and dermatologists alike, so the FDA and coalition are actively trying to rectify this situation. Photolink
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