Dark Skin Poses Problems

Experts say laser hair removal has yet to overcome issues with dark skin. People with darker, olive skin tones, still remain a challenge, even though laser hair removal is one of the most popular dermatological procedures. The laser technology has made huge strides in efficiency and effectiveness; however this one hurdle still remains. The issue began during the treatments early stages and today the problem is pigmentation caused by the laser. Over 1.4 million people get there unwanted hair removed each year, but the caveat with the procedure is: it works best with dark hair not dark skin, and does not work at removing white and light hairs. Doctors say that,
"It's much trickier to destroy a dark hair that's growing in dark skin - because both absorb the destructive laser energy, both can be damaged in a laser treatment."
So if you're thinking about getting laser hair removal it may be a good idea to steer clear of tanning prior to the procedure for best results. It may look great to be sun kissed, but if you're interested in removing hair perhaps the cold winter months are best for you. Photolink
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