Here Comes the Bride

As the big day approaches, many brides have a new way of spoiling and pampering themselves ? with Botox injections. With the fall wedding season in full force this new trend is transforming the face of brides and their bridal party. This recent cosmetic craze is putting a new meaning to 'bridezilla'. Some of these soon to be wives are insisting their bridesmaids get Botox injections as well. In fact statistics show that Botox bridal parties and wedding showers have increased by 25% over the past two years. But can this added pressure for perfection cause problems among wedding attendees? Wedding planners say they have seen brides go too far. Asking their bridesmaids to get breast enhancements and Botox with hopes of a Hollywood-esque wedding. Resulting in damaged friendships and angry or resentful bridesmaids. As this trend begins to flood the wedding world Grooms should watch out or they will be the next ones in line for a Botox prick. If you are one of the many interested in Botox or any other cosmetic dermatology procedures, go to and find a professional in your area. Photolink
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