Sun-Damaged Skin Treatments

Have you spent endless summers basking in the glory of the sun? Taken every opportunity to holiday on the beach? If years of sunkissed skin is catching up to you, there may be a procedure on the market to help your sun-damaged skin. The topical solution coupled with laser treatment developed by DUSA Pharmaceuticals may help rejuvenate aging, leathery and far-too-much-tanned skin. Many avid beach-goers suffer from sun-spots and wrinkles ? even at an early age ? so dermatologist have improved the procedure to remedy the unattractive skin and diminish unwanted skin-damage. The University of Michigan researchers are paving the way with these studies and experiments. Their research shows sound success for sunbathers,
"In a group of 15 women and 10 men aged 54 to 83 with sun-damaged skin, the researchers found that the therapy increased production of collagen -- a protein that helps provide skin its texture and elasticity -- and promoted the thickening of the top layer of the skin."
Although the treatment has yet to flood the derma-world, the progress the researchers are making leads many to believe the treatment will be making an appearance fairly soon. Photolink
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