Sweaty Feet? Try Botox

No I'm no talking about Sharon Stone and her 8-year-old sons smelly feet fiasco, this is actually a new craze going on in the world of dermatology. Some women are using Botox in their feet for sweat issues, odor problems and even discomfort from years of uncomfortable heels. Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes excessively sweaty feet, and affects up to 3 percent of the population. It's no wonder frustrated people are hoping to get a few pricks into their feet to solve this problem. A series of Botox injections into the area where you are affected by the condition, may limit the sweating because Botox paralyses the nerves that induce sweating. Although Botox injections are primarily used for aesthetic enhancements in the face and ridding people of unwanted wrinkles, in recent years doctors have been trying to find new uses for the product. Some have discovered there may be an industry in easing migraine pain, lifting breasts and now eliminating odor and sweet from the feet. Photolink
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