The 411 on Stretch Marks

Unfortunately many women are stained with unappealing stretch marks. Whether it happened post-pregnancy or during a period of drastic weight loss, these pesky skin ailments are not very easy to erase. Loads of products are being advertised and promoted on TV and by some doctor's, however very few can actually remove the stretch marks. The marks typically occur when parts of the skin lose elasticity due to collagen loss, and the unfortunate news is most of us will get them at one point in time. Since stretch marks are such a common occurrence amongst women, I decided to outline some helpful hints and pointers. Yes, they start out fairly dark and unattractive, but some stretch marks may lose their dark pigmentation over time, possibly with the use of products like coco butter ? which is yet to be scientifically proven. Before jumping on the bandwagon for laser removal, do some research ? many technologies may not yet be FDA approved. So take some time and speak to a dermatologist or professional before purchasing creams, lotions and voodoo magic tricks they can help inform you of possible new treatments or the best purchase. Also, check out for related information, research and professionals in your area. Photolink
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